KamsyNetwork.com is a business blog established to train, enlighten, teach, assist and provide helpful business information to the general public. KamsyNetwork is a full-time blogging platform that showcases critical and rich content in diverse ways, we are committed to blogging on business needs and education, touching lives, careers, businesses, families, and institutions.


OZOR HENRY is the Founder and sole author of KamsyNetwork, KamsyNetwork is one of the leading Nigerian business and corporate blog platforms that focus mainly on Nigeria local businesses and it’s growth, Henry has the global responsibility for the attraction, engagement, development, and experience of KamsyNetwork’s most important assets – It’s readers and followers. He championed KamsyNetwork’s mission: to unlock the potentials of people, either individual or group and institutions, playing a critical role as the sole author in enabling the organization to be the ultimate platform with a growing readers base.

He started his digital career as a graphic artist with full knowledge of branding and designs, he is a professional writer and a motivational speaker, a web designer /developer, and a reputable blogger, E-Commerce expert, and digital marketer. He used his knowledge of the industry and passion for creating to establish Bethovic Digital Agency: an award-winning web designing company with track records of digital marketing and SEO. As a Nigerian Based web designer and a professional blogger with a focus on Business, Education, Digital solutions, Ecommerce, Digital marketing, and more importantly a career builder. He is happily married and blessed with beautiful and handsome children.

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