Best Holiday Trip Planning 2022

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Best Holiday Trip Planning 2022

There’s little as stressful, or as special, as holiday travel. Though most travelers do have to deal with so many engagements during holidays, it is purely an opportunity for travelers to meet or get acquainted with new things. Traveling does not only save you from the daily stress of hassles, but fills your life with a whole lot of inspiration, experience, and engagement.

It is important to know how to plan for a successful holiday trip in 2022 because many will never go on their dream holiday. They’ll daydream, saying ‘One day, but then they’ll put it off for a time that may never come. Today, we’re saying no to that sentiment and yes to putting our money where our mouth is.

Perhaps you want to explore your own backyard or venture further abroad to soak in exotic destinations. The world is packed with stunning vistas, charming towns, and fascinating cultures just waiting to be discovered just like my country, Nigeria, and other African regions with diverse cultures, exotic parks, and beautiful people.

So, where do you get started? From booking accommodation to sorting out your passport or visa, planning that dream holiday can be somewhat overwhelming – not to mention that thought that often creeps in when you’re about to fall asleep at night: Have I forgotten something?

That’s why we’ve created these pieces of articles to enhance your efficient holiday travel planning to get started!

1. Make a choice of destination

Whenever you are having a holiday trip or vacation to embark on, the first step is to decide where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do. Are you looking to head overseas, or would you prefer to explore Nigeria and African states? If you’re unsure, asking family and friends is often a good place to start as they can provide recommendations based on their own experiences and what they think is good for you. From these conversations, you may reduce your list of potential destinations to a few.

With so many places to see and so many things to do, it is not always easy to pick a single destination. Brainstorm the destination choices depending on your budget, time of the year, activities on your bucket list, and choice of place or anything else you think would make a difference to your holiday plan.

2. What’s Your Proposed Length of stay?

How long are you intending to stay? What are your vacation plans that matched the duration? When you are sure of the dates, check your calendar and block the dates in advance. Make sure the plan doesn’t clash with any other important functions or activities. Once you find the perfect date, determine the length of the holiday keeping in mind the travel hours and the number of days you wish to spend at the destination.

If you’re looking for a week-long trip, far-flung places in Southern Africa and Europe Europe are likely to be off the cards due to cost and flight duration. However, if you’re heading away for three weeks or more, traveling to selected European countries or parts of North America could be an ideal vacation.

Though Dubai is becoming an ever-popular destination for a long weekend. The dollar goes a long way, so costs can be kept to a minimum and flights are relatively short. However, you could just as easily stay longer, visiting other parts of the United Arab Emirates.

One major factor to consider is: Are you traveling solo, with your partner, on group travel, or family adventure?

Solo travel

This can make you have some strong feelings of happy excitement and elation, as you have the freedom to do as you choose, without having to worry about others in the group. This will give you the ability to rest when you want. It will give you the privilege to visit the landmarks that pique your interest. Solo travel will give you the opportunity to change your plans without consultation. Of course, there can be some downsides to going it alone without anyone accompanying you on the trip. Depending on your personality, you may feel lonely at times, you don’t have an extra set of eyes on the bags, and you can’t split the bill over accommodation.

If you’re flying solo for the first time, you may find that an organized tour is a great way to relax and meet people, while still feeling like you’re getting out on your own.

Traveling with a partner or close friend

This can be a blast, especially if you have similar interests. You’ve got a close friend there to share the laughs, holiday planning, and the cash flow.

To help ensure you’re both able to experience what you’d like and that you both have the same expectations for the trip, it’s handy to map out your itinerary together before you leave home. Don’t make your itinerary so strict that you can’t bend plans if you stumble upon a best-kept secret; instead, use it as a form of structure for your holiday and a decision-maker when you both can’t agree on where to eat.

Group traveling

Group Traveling can mean traveling in a group of friends or as part of an organized tour from your place of work or school. Either way, it’s likely that your travels will be much more structured, and if you travel with a larger group of people. It’s certainly more difficult to make bookings and find vacancies for large groups on short notice, especially when it comes to booking accommodation, flights, or activities. As such, be sure to plan well in advance, so everyone is happy with the planned itinerary. The larger the group, the more restricted you’re likely to be on how long you can go and when you can go.

Traveling as a family

is an excellent way to mix up by sharing experiences together. It’s amazing to see children take in new parts of the world with open wonder.

On the other side of the coin, arguing kids can be hard to deal with if you’re spending your hard-earned savings on an annual trip. It can be normal to plan extensively when traveling with little ones; and if you’re going on a long-haul flight, their routine will be disrupted.

Travel carriers are helpful when little legs become tired, An abundance of healthy snacks and bottled water is helpful in keeping hunger at bay during sightseeing. It pays to be organized when traveling as a family, particularly when there are young children on a trip with you.

3. Research the cost of your trip

Now that you have finalized the date and destination, and you have also known if you are traveling alone or with families and friends, the hardest part of vacation planning is done. It’s now time to set the budget. Research online on what the trip might cost you. Include all expenses starting from departing to the airport to arriving back home. Check with multiple tour operators on all-inclusive packages and if you find a suitable one that fits in your budget, go for it. Else do it yourself and customize the holiday in your style.

It is now important to start saving money for the trip by spending less and averting reckless spending so that the trip won’t run you bankrupt. Check on the total cost of the trip and how much money you will have to save every month until your trip so that you have enough money to spend on your holiday. Strategize on plans to save the money- may be cut the weekend dinner outing or Sunday movie for a few months. Check your bank statements to keep an eye on miscellaneous expenses so you know what to cut down from your daily expense chart. Read about how to defeat financial hardship in Nigeria here.

Along with saving for the trip, try getting a travel credit card. The reward points you get for every purchase, whether you make on the card can be redeemed for flight booking. Even hotel stays vacations, discounts, or cash backs. Get a travel card that gives huge sign-up bonus points which can almost be equal to a free flight.

You can get your travel credit cards here:

You can also check here for travel advice:

4. Plan your activities

Set your itinerary based on the number of days you wish to spend at the location. Learn about the place and the attractions nearby. Make a detailed itinerary of what you wish to do each day. Leave room for any additional things you wish to add to your itinerary later on. Check on the activities that require prior reservation or booking. Make sure they are open during your planned visit. Check if the attractions can be covered in a single city pass. If yes, book the pass online in advance. Also, research any special events or festivals that happen in the city during the time frame.

Stepping out for a holiday trip is as good as education, though financial commitments are largely involve, but anticipating the future delivers more happiness than reflecting on the past.

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