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Kamsy Premium Membership (KPM) is designed to help business owners grow their business efficiently and digitally using one of the best business growth tools on the internet and also reducing the cost of business management. This membership will also give you more chances, time, and opportunities to do other things at your disposal. WE COMPLETELY TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BUSINESS DRIVE.

What’s In Our Premium Membership Package?

  • We will build a professional and customized website for your business.
  • We will offer a reliable and fast web hosting service to power your website.
  • We will be responsible for the day-to-day management of your website.
  • Your business will be listed and advertised on our business listing platform.
  • We will promote your business and products through our blog platform.
  • We will offer premium-based support to give your business an online presence.
  • We will offer business training for awareness of digital matters.
  • We will create, structure, and optimize your social media page for business.
  • Your business or products will witness massive online marketing.
  • You will have access to our Top-Rated digital business experts for any business-related concepts.

Membership Registration Fee = ₦105,000

This is a One-Time fee that covers all our digital services

Membership Yearly Renewal = ₦25,200

This is an annual renewal charge of 24% after one year of expiration

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