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How To Become An Online Business Expert

How To Become An Online Business Expert
Written by HENRY OZOR

Let’s completely show you “How To Become An Online Business Expert”. As you know, people are no longer interested in steady jobs where they would spend their entire life. They are not afraid to change jobs, start something new, and take risks. The mindset is completely different from what it used to be. Independence in working gives people the feeling of great freedom and ultimate control of their most precious asset – time. They can work as little as they want or as much as they want.

In this era of globalization and digitalization, we see the growing trend of the so-called gig economy. And this kind of technical development has directly contributed to it. This is a new type of working environment where people work gigs. They are independent contractors who are hired based on a short-term project or contract. This whole concept of the gig economy is the evolution of how people see jobs nowadays and the application of this concept to the digital realm.

Starting out

Despite having freedom, working online does involve a lot of work and sacrifice. It is not always ideal as you might imagine. As for the work, sometimes you will do a couple of hours a day, but sometimes you will do more than you would if you had a 9 to 5 job.

Like every beginning, starting out this career can be difficult. You might come across poorly paid jobs, you might start working with clients who are extremely difficult to work with, etc. You will need to invest so much of your time and you will be quite eager to do so at first. But the results might not come immediately and this is something you need to be aware of.

It might be months until you find your first client as a freelancer. It might be weeks before you see any sales in your online shop. And that is something you need to expect and be prepared for. You should not start with this career if you do not have enough patience to hold on to your idea and give it some time until you see the results.

One of the biggest difficulties out there is when to start. Is there a perfect time of the year, a perfect period in your life, etc.? Should you wait until you quit your day job, or should you start making money online as a part-time job?

The answer is that it all depends on you. It depends on your situation and how you can handle everything. There is no ideal time, especially not a universal time.

Most people try to at least set up their new business or career prior to leaving their existing job. Usually, those are people who cannot or will not continue working their regular job and are interested to shift their careers to the digital realm. However, most people do have recurring expenses each month, such as bills, rent, food, etc. These are all the reasons why doing both might be an option to go for. You would still secure your existence while building a new career. It will be difficult to balance the two, but the transition might be smoother than quitting the existing job before you have started making money online.

Long-term learning

Regardless of the opportunities, you choose to start making money online, you need to have in mind that the internet changes all the time. New practices and new processes are constantly introduced, so having a career like this means that you need to start and keep on learning.

If you expect to set up everything and then go off the radar, you should know that things will not be so smooth. To be able to successfully work online, find new opportunities and get better at your job, you need to professionally develop and spend time learning. This type of education is informal learning because your main resources will be online courses, seminars, blog articles, reports, webinars, etc. All of these are relevant resources about your industry that will help you get a better understanding of how things can be done more efficiently with better results.

Taking the opportunity

Now that you have read about these possibilities to make money online, and with enough knowledge to explore this field, even more, it is time to determine the career you want to try out. The beauty of this is that you can try several of these. You can be a designer and you can also teach design. You can work as a developer, but you could also have your blog or a YouTube channel where you would educate, or even entertain others.

There is no guarantee that every opportunity will be perfect and that you will be able to profit from each of them, but when you start thinking outside of the box, and when you prepare yourself for anything that might come along, you open up so many new pathways for you.

As you have seen all of these possibilities for making money online, you have noticed that staying organized and consistent is a very important part, regardless of the career you choose. To help you stay organized and keep getting the best results with your efforts, here’s a “thinking process” you should implement:


Start by defining what you want to do. Choose the project and then define the exact things you want to do. Also, try to set some goals you want to achieve with these activities, regardless if that is getting XX subscribers or earning XX Naira.


The research part refers to analyzing the market, analyzing the competition, but it also includes learning the process and specific requirements that will be needed for you to successfully complete the project. Sometimes, you might need to learn to use new software, or you might just want to explore the topic to be able to write a new article. If you are a freelancer, research may include looking up the job specifics and how you will be able to perform such a job.


You know what you want to do and you have done your research. Now it is time to plan how to do that. Come up with a layout of activities, in which order they are going to happen, if anyone will help you with them, etc. Also, think about deadlines. Set up a sort of timeframe for each activity. This will have a massive role in helping you stay organized.

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The phase where you actually do the work. When you have covered the first three steps, you will see that the implementation will go much smoother. You will have an exact roadmap with all the details, and you will avoid all the distractions.


The final stage is the analysis of your work. Again, it does not matter the type of job you do, if you are a freelancer or you have a webshop. The goal is to reflect on what you have done and the results you were able to achieve. This provides insights into how good you were at planning and research, how productive your work is and how you can improve in the future.

This 5-stage plan is an excellent way to analyze your work and constantly make improvements. It can be applied to many situations, such as when you start your career. But the best thing is that this is something you can easily apply to every little thing you have to do. For example, if you have a blog article to write, try using the plan and going through each stage. Or, if you have a product launch in your shop, divide the work into these stages and follow along.

Having in mind your interest in the gig economy and the possibilities of making money online, you absolutely need to adapt your thinking process to this new environment. A significant part of your responsibility will be organizing your own work and your time, so a strategy such as this one (and many more you can find) is precisely the tool you need to succeed in your career.

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