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Skills Needed To Work Online

Skills Needed To Work Online
Skills Needed To Work Online By
Written by HENRY OZOR

When we say skills needed to work online, we mean how to really start up online work that pays. A couple of years ago, if you had told someone that you were working online, they would probably just nod, laugh and think “What a waste of time! Can’t he find a real job, yeah?”. We are going to learn bit by bit on skills needed to work online. As freelancing and blogging were starting off in most countries including Africa, people who actually jumped this buggy early on were perceived as lazy, gullible and maybe even fools to think this will turn into something viable. Those are now people who own thousands and thousands of dollars worth of businesses and brands.

Today, when you say you are working online, people usually say “Oh, wow, good for you”. They are probably envious a bit as you must be making a ton of money sitting home and doing “nothing” as they thought.

Places to work online as a beginner:

Yes, there are so many opinions about making money online, but if you are interested in exploring how you can become one of those lucky ones, Kamsy Business Network will introduce you to multiple ways you can actually start making money on the internet.

First and foremost, you need to realize that there are numerous ways to earn money. Not every way will be the right fit for you. Nor will you like all ways of making money online. Also, the expected income can be quite diverse depending on the type of work you do and depending on how good you are at it.

Having known how it works, i think we should just dig deep into the main focus for this article.

There are some specific skills to learn if you want to work online depending on the industry you might need to learn about. Online marketing, real estate, web administration, etc. While these can be different and quite industry-related, there are some universal skills you need to have to be able to succeed online. Those include:

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Organizational method is important if you want to know the skills needed to work online. Most of the time you work online, your job sometimes become flexible. You will usually have a deadline for some tasks and sometimes you might be required to have specific working hours. However, in many cases how you organize your working day is completely up to you. You might work every day for three to four hours. You might prefer working 10 hours a day, and then taking a day or two off. Also, you can work during the night if you prefer that. You can work from home, from the beach, from an office, etc.

Although this flexibility is quite tempting, and actually one of the most common reasons why people see working online as such a “dream job”, this comes with a big responsibility. You will need to organize your working hours and you will be responsible for meeting deadlines.

If you are a kind of person who play a waiting game and always does things last minute, you might find working from home stressful. The main problem will be your inability to organize your tasks and create a sort of plan for each working day.

To avoid getting this in the way of a promising career, you can do the following:

  • Create a monthly/weekly planner
  • Create daily to-do lists
  • Use reminders
  • Hire an assistant who can organize your time and basically tell you what and when you need to do them.

Essentially, you will need to manage your time, your projects and your activities, which all require good organization, paying attention to the details and being able to successfully meet the deadlines.


Most of the communication in such a career is done in a written form. Sometimes you might never meet people you are working with, you will never know their voice, the way they talk, etc. This means that the nonverbal aspect of communication is missing and this can significantly affect your conversations. You will not be able to rely on body language to deduct the meaning of certain expressions, nor will you have that “reading between the lines” moment when you are reading an email.

Another factor that has a significant influence on communication is language. A great part of communication online is done in English. People write blog posts, share status updates on social media, and send emails in English. However, a considerable portion of those are not native speakers. This can sometimes create obstacles in communication.

Firstly, a client might misunderstand you if you use too complex sentences without realizing the client is actually a beginner level in English. People who speak English as a second language come from different cultures, so the way they use the language is also different.

You need to understand that communication will make up a massive part of your work. You will have to organize meetings, to discuss the terms of contracts, to negotiate the salary, etc. This means that you need to know the language enough to be able to excel in working online.

Grab a quick and basic communication tips below:

  1. Greet the recipient in the beginning
  2. Use modal verbs (could, might, would) to sound more polite
  3. Don’t be afraid to say please
  4. Write in the language the recipient will understand
  5. Use emoticons to replace the nonverbal communication (emoticons are now widely
  6. used and acceptable in business correspondence)
  7. End the message with a positive attitude


Resourcefulness, i.e. the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties, is one of the most important skills to have when working online. In essence, it refers to your ability to find a solution or an answer when you do not know something.

For most of the jobs you will discover while reading this blog, there are no official degrees, or they are just starting out to be introduced. Even if you do have relevant knowledge, Degrees or Educational Certificates, the internet world changes so fast, that you will soon find out that some things are becoming outdated.

Also, you cannot know everything. There is no need to store a bunch of irrelevant information in your mind. Being a walking book of knowledge was something that was respected in the past, and knowledgeable people were quite appreciated. Today, there is a different attitude. What is appreciated is being able to find the information you need quickly and easily. Being able to solve the problem on the spot.

One day, you might be in a situation where a client asks you to adjust an effect in the photo using Photoshop software, and you do not have to be an experienced designer to take up this task. You might have never done this kind of task and that is also perfectly fine. As long as you can find out how to do it. You will search the internet, find relevant tutorials and learn to do this. You will not even bother your client with details of how you did that. You will do the task. That is the thinking process of a resourceful person.

I believe you are really catching up with the scope of gaining deep ground in working online. Start practicing a particular type of task that you can offer online, before you know it, you become a successful online worker.


Working online requires you to be available quite often and responsive to messages. You cannot be one of those people who check their email once a week. As someone who works online, you will need to adopt the internet and the technology to be your daily scenery. Now you should know some needed skills to work online.

The potential issue that might occur, but one which is necessary to mention, is to become so involved in your online work that you allow this to affect your daily life. The internet work is constantly around you. You can never go home after work and relax because your work is always with you. Just look at your phone, and you will find something you need to “check” or “monitor”. One day, you might be walking down the street and unconsciously start staring at your phone, checking emails, without paying attention that you might run into something.

This is something that happens to a lot of people working online. It is something that people who do not work online cannot relate to. It simply creeps up and quickly consumes your attention in ways that are not healthy. Again, a good organization can help you with fighting this as well as these tips:

  • Rent an office or have a separate room in the house where you work (then you can
    leave your work there).
  • Determine office hours and do not check your emails outside of those unless you
    expect something urgent and time-sensitive.
  • Find a convenient time to occasionally take a vacation, even for three or four days
    (but really do this, no phones, no computer, just enjoy the real world and have a sort of an internet unfeeling person).

Benefits of working online

While working online does require specific skills, it is not for everyone and there are reasons why this might not be as dreamy job as one might think. Still, there are a lot of benefits of working online and here are some:


Organizing your own time gives you more control in terms of when you work. For
example, you do not have to miss your child’s school play because you can work after that.

Lifelong learning

You can see the importance of learning skills needed to work online. Keeping your brain healthy and active is a good exercise when you work online, you will need to constantly learn new things, explore new practices, etc.

Unlimited income

Don’t get carried away just yet and expect six-figure income in a few
months, but working online is quite flexible in terms of making money. It depends on the type of work you do, how consistent you are, and how much you work each month. While this is a good thing, as you are not limited by a monthly salary, you must be careful with money management, as there will be months when the income is low.

Less Stress

Many people who work online love the ability to create their own working environment which is much less stressful for them.

No commuting

This one is a big plus, regardless how you make money online. There will be no more waiting for the bus at the bus stop, or train or even taxis and hoping it does not rain on your way home, etc. You will avoid traffic, and you will also save money you would spend on gas or tickets.

Higher productivity

Standard jobs have specific working hours (it is usually 8 hours or more) but people rarely spend all those hours actually working. A lot of those time is spent on breaks, casual chatting with colleagues, etc. This is why when you work online, you are more likely to finish the job in much less time, thus increasing your productivity level by far.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about when choosing this kind of a career. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this special article, you will discover if this is the career to pursue and which of these jobs would be a real dream come true for you.

Here at Kamsy Business Network, we discuss way forward for business and career growth, i think you must have learnt something new and better following up.

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